2016 l Restoration Series l Trio Exhibition
SGFA, Kuala Lumpur
Inspired by his work in art education — a field that Seah says is shifting away from the classical in favour of throwing art students into the conceptual deep end and leaving them to flail towards newer, bolder shores — Seah takes traditional forms and rewires them for the nascent Malaysian art scene.
In that vein, his contribution to the exhibition consists of a row of smashed-up anatomy studies in plaster running from the main gallery space to an earthen ramp outside the building. The installation is accompanied by a triptych of oil-on-aluminium paintings that blend classical with abstract: the most literal of these, Belvedere Torso, depicts a classically muscular chest bisected by gleaming geometric spears of gold leaf.
Other exhibiting artists:Anniketyni Madian / Lileng Wong
Michelangelo Slave l 2016Gold Leaf & Oil on Aluminium Plate114 x 93cm
Venus De Milo l 2016Gold Leaf & Oil on Aluminium Plate114 x 93cm
Belvedere Torso l 2016Gold Leaf & Oil on Aluminium Plate114 x 93cm

Mould it Yourself

2016 l DIY WorkshopBroken Plaster Sculptures, Baking Equipments, Laptop, Cookies Moulds
Variable Dimensions
Visitors were encouraged to make plaster moulds on their own by recycling broken sculpture collected by the artist from art college where the making method were shown via the laptop.
This interactive work reveal the artist's observation on art education system in where he lives.

Way Out

2016 l Site Specific InstallationFound Broken Plaster Sculptures, Used Brushes & Local Plants
Dimention Variable