2016 l Restoration Series l Solo ExhibitionOil on Aluminium Plate
Diptych 93 x 226cm
SwimmerTaksu Gallery, Singapore
Throughout my practice I tried to approximate the invisible ingredients- structure/ element/ motive that shaped a pictorial world, artistically as well as contextually.
I focus on building up a virtual space by filling the space with liquefied Peranakan tile motifs, suggesting an uncertain status to the foundation of my multiracial culture background. I imitate the different expressions of liquid, referring to the social phenomenal that concurrently happen, which I think that causes the dislocation of the culture inheritance.
In the liquid times, nothing is really permanent: relationship, territory, power, believe, identity… I try not to hold on anything that float on surface but learn to swim, or sink.
Swimmer l Taksu Gallery, Singapore, Oct 2016
Golden Skin - set A & B l 2016Oil on Brass PlateSet A 40.7 x 40.7cm each (a, b, c, d, e, f)Set B 61 x 61cm each (g, h, i, j)
Swimmer l 2016Oil on Aluminium Plate113 x 93cm
Leak l 2016Oil on Aluminium Plate113 x 93cm
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1 Song l Performance & Found Object Remake, 2016
The artist force tuned a classic school piano in result to make it plays only the National anthem.

Here or There l 2016Oil on Aluminium Plate75 x 152.5cm
There or Here l 2016Oil on Aluminium Plate75 x 152.5cm
Float l 2016Oil on Aluminium Plate113 x 93cm
Undercurrent l 2016Oil on Aluminium Plate93 x 113cm

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2016 l Swimmer - Solo Exhibition l Taksu Gallery, Singapore