Willst du mit uns gehen?

2017 l AIR_Frankfurt (3 months)
Basis E.V, Frankfurt
deDie installative Ausstellung "Willst du mit uns gehen?" beschließt Zelin Seah's dreimonatige AIR_Frankfurt Künstler-Residency bei basis e.V. Frankfurt und zeigt seine vor Ort neu entstandenen Arbeiten. Während seiner Residency in einer sich rasant verändernden Stadt wie Frankfurt, richtete Seah seinen Fokus vor allem auf Strukturen der Mobilität, des Wohnraums sowie von Fassaden. Seine bemalten 'Quilts' erscheinen wie amorphe Skulpturen, die vom Besuchenden bewegt, platziert oder zum eigenen Schutzraum aktiviert werden können.
enThe installative exhibition "Willst du mit uns gehen?" concludes Zelin Seah's three-month AIR_Frankfurt artist residency at basis e.V. Frankfurt presenting his new works. While his residency in a rapidly transforming city like Frankfurt, Seah has focused on the structures of mobilty, habitat and facade. His painted 'Quilts' appear like amorph sculptures that can be moved, placed and activated into a proper shelter through the visitor's action.
-- Since ancient times migration is the norm, either active or forced. In order to survive, men have learned to adapt to new environments, building up habitat with limited resources, either in mobile or pemanent settings. It is animacy, it is by instincts. Soon the accumulation of capital has enabled certain people to highlight their status and wealth by owning housing properties. As an artist I have experienced migration while a limited period of time. And I shall move on. Like an actor, I have tried to fit in a new life and to begin to build my habitat -- Zelin Seah, Dec 2017, Frankfurt.
Opening hours: Opening and participative Setup: Thur, December 14th, 2017, 7 pmFri - Sun, December 15th - 17th, 2017, 1 - 5 pm and by appointmentbasis Project space, Elbestraße 10
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