2019 l Container Series l Outdoor InstallationRattan
Kunst im ParkCammin Castle, Germany
"Habitat" is a place for staying in, but no function as protection.
One can enjoy seeing, experience by touching and even make shapes with the rattan, to understand the material.
I want to make works that blend with nature, that you can see through, and look at the scenery. In my process there is no nail or glue involved. It is all by rattan itself.
Rattan is a tropical plant and it grows randomly in the forest, only native people know where it grow and has permission to cut. Most of the time we see it as craft and furniture, like basket, chair. But for this work I make no function for it. I hope to show you the beauty of the material itself. I was looking at the word "natural resources". Human seem to sees functions, values in nature, more than enjoy the beauty.
There is a saying: when you hold on your hand you have nothing in it, but when you open it up, you have the world with you. As same as my work.

- May 2019, Cammin Castle, Germany.
The making of "Habitat".