Bis dahin

2018 l Site-specific InstallationFound Objects on Site
Dimension Variable
Attic of Cammin Castle, Germany
During my 3 weeks residency at Cammin Castle, I found a pillar with the date of the completion of the castle in the attic, which is 13 September 1959, and 59 years later I am here with my opening exhibition on 13 September. I believe there are some kind of orders underneath the randomness.
I then inspired by a book found in the castle - GEB, which discuss the similarities between art, music and mathematics. I am into the discussion of how human manipulate mathematics- the hidden law of nature, and how far can it goes. It seems immortal is in the near blue plan of human development, shall we say good bye or we will meet again sometime soon? Bis dahin.
Belongings II l 2018
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一方净土 A Piece of Purity l 2018
Belongings l 2018
GEB l 2018